Aggregate Conveying Solutions

Weigh belt

  • Weighs aggregate batches before transfer to mixer
  • Supplied with feeder skirts and belt scrapers

Flexwall conveyor

  • Conveys materials while only taking up one-third the space
  • Range of incline from flat to vertical

Mud conveyor

  • Transferring of mixed products
  • Aids with delivery, blending and metering

Shuttle conveyor

  • Delivers materials to multiple bins

Our advanced customization options include

  • In-line screening systems
  • Pocket belts
  • Shuttle belts
  • Rotating/pivoting/indexing conveyor systems

We offer conveyor systems that include a full line of truss and channel frame conveyors, aggregate distributors, mixer charging skip hoists, weight belts and advanced aggregate distribution systems.

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With strategy in mind, we determine based on your final vision how our products should be formulated.

Aggregate conveyor designed and built by Standley Batch.

Aggregate Conveying

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