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Designed for the concrete block, ready-mix, dry-mix, precast and prestressed industries.

STANDLEY BATCH SYSTEMS, INC. cement and fly ash silos are highly efficient and cost-effective storage systems that readily adapt to your operation. No matter if you’re in the market for a new plant design or looking to add more contemporary equipment to your existing plant, we will find a way to make it happen as well as ensure compliance and safety requirements are all met.


We offer enclosed, skirted tank, rock dust tank (for the mining industry), and drive-thru unloading system for bulk delivery.


With a wide variety of sizes, capacities and features, contact us for a full detailing of the schematics we could bring to your plant.

STANDLEY BATCH SYSTEMS, INC. designs, fabricates and manufactures a full range of aggregate storage bins from square, round and stack-up bins with astounding tonnage capacity.


Our customizable bins in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.


Aggregate bins are compliant with industry standards and safety, including your specific wind or seismic requirements. We offer aggregate storage bins as part of our total customization or retrofitting program.  Aggregate bins can also include moisture control.

Protecting your silos from over-pressurization reduces safety risks, minimizes maintenance/service costs and improves environmental protection. Standley Batch is the exclusive U.S. partner of Hycontrol, a leading provider of silo protection systems worldwide.

The Hycontrol SHIELD Silo Protection System is one of the best options on the market today, and is available on any Standley Batch cement silo.

Standard Silo Features

  • 125 BBL – 1400 BBL
  • 8’ – 13’6” diameter. Based on 75 lb. material, aerated fluffed cement
  • 3⁄16”  or ¼” steel side plates with 10 gauge top deck, based on sidewall heights
  • Totally welded construction
  • 4” or 5” blow pipe with long radius sweep (4’ radius)
  • Blowpipe, electrical and air lines mounted inside tank
  • 8-aerator pads with regulator, filter, solenoid valve
  • Crank handle emergency slide gate
  • Pressure/vac relief valve
  • Inside ladder and access through pressure/vac relief valve
  • Structure built to customer specs. Drive through and non-drive through structure
  • Outside ladder/cage top handrail and toe board
  • Discharge gate to customer specs
  • Jet pulse dust collector with air regulator
  • Variety of color options; standard color is Standley Gray

Optional Features

  • Overfill system
  • High- and low-level indicators
  • Split compartment silos
  • Double/triple discharge
  • Screw conveyor that mates silo for material transport




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Cement silos designed and manufactured by Standley Batch.

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